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Sample Disclosure – Principal Activities [continuing and discontinued operations] (27 January 2011)

Principal Activities The principal activity of the Company is investment holding and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of chilli sauce, bottles and containers manufacturing and packaging and the provision of management services...

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Sample Reports And Financial Statements (20 October 2009)

Click Here For Sample In Excel Template Warning: You may use this template and modify for your own use and distribute it without modification but please do not sell it to others without my consent. This is a complete sample Reports and Financial Statements of ...

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Sample Directors’ Report (19 October 2009)

Click Here For Sample In Excel Format ...

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Sample Disclosure – Dividend Declaration in Directors’ Report (18 August 2009)

DIVIDENDS RM The amounts of dividends paid or declared by the Company since 31 December 2007 were as follows: In respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2007 as reported in the directors’ report of that year: Final dividend of 45% less 25% taxati...

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